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Tools For Transformation

Paths for Healing
and Self-Discovery

“as above, so below. as within, so without.”
Hermes Trismegistus, Philosopher

My approach involves drawing upon my background in Mindfulness practices, Buddhist and Depth psychology. My therapeutic process involves supporting clients to uncover their natural state of ease and best self rather than pursuing an idea of who or what they should be. Through my personable, conscientious, and caring presence I offer a deeply compassionate and healing experience for clients stuck in pain, distortion, struggle, and addiction. With a background in depth and transpersonal psychology, I utilize an integrative approach, drawing upon psychodynamic, family systems, Buddhist, and transtheoretical theories. Development of CBT and mindfulness skills are also an important part of my client work towards increasing self-agency and resilience. As a result, clients evolve the ability to be more comfortable and less reactive to their negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors, while learning to recognize that their experience of life originates from within them and not from external circumstances. 

Psychotherapy can helpful in addressing:

• Anxiety                              • Addiction

• Depression                       • Spirituality

• Stress Management       • Recover from Trauma

• Relationship Issues         • Cope with Life Changes

• Coping Skills                    • Personal growth

• Communication skills     • Self-esteem

an archway, a tunnel, an opening to new insight and growth

Change is inevitable, growth is optional.
Psychotherapy can be helpful in managing life stressors, healing childhood wounds, and changing negative beliefs about ourselves.

Utilizing a respectful, compassionate, and engaged presence, I work with clients who are struggling with addiction or need continued support after completing an inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment program. My therapeutic method targets the main precursors to relapse such as stressors, external and internal triggers, negative emotions, avoiding feelings, negative people and situations, and exposure to substances and alcohol. 


I believe each person is unique in their challenges and recovery needs which requires a comprehensive, personalized treatment program. Drawing from a multitude of psychological modalities, mindfulness based relapse prevention, and transpersonal psychology, my therapeutic approach centers on helping individuals, couples, and families recover their wellbeing so they can thrive. 


My addiction therapy work with clients also addresses the root problems that have contributed to the initial substance use such as trauma, childhood wounding, depression, anxiety and other mental disorder factors. Substance abuse often begins as a dysfunctional way of finding relief from past negative experiences, mental disorders, and intrusive thoughts or memories. 


Addiction is not the problem.
It's an attempt to solve a problem.

Addiction therapy helps individuals identify underlying causes while developing new skill sets necessary to manage stress and using urges.

“According to Buddhism,
it is our fear of experiencing ourselves
directly that creates suffering.”

Mark Epstein, Thoughts Without a Thinker: Psychotherapy from a Buddhist Perspective.

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